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Author believes human greed is replacing God's truth and justice in America.


Author believes the current United States legal system encourages corruption.

Is America’s moral character deteriorating? Ray W. Rowney, Jr., a volunteer who became a court victim, believes that the American government and justice system are headed down a treacherous path.

In his 15 years in the US legal system as a scammed bondholder representative, Rowney has seen an emphasis placed on “spin” instead of truth and justice. His book, “License to Steal” describes how the influence of money has replaced the search for truth and justice.

“License to Steal” laments how the US has strayed from the original vision of its Founding Fathers and become corrupted by human greed. Rowney cites examples of creative interpretations of law being used to steal from the American people.

The book not only details the self-inflicted tribulations of the government, but it also shares simple, cost effective solutions. The Author believes that the key problem in the United States is not the structural issues of the economy, but the deterioration of the morals and character values in individual, voting Americans.

“Devastating problems arise when we substitute greed and selfishness for God’s pure truth,” Rowney says. “The government has replaced its moral responsibility to the citizens of the United States, and to the Republic for which we stand, with the idea of being ‘politically correct’ and protecting a bloated bureaucracy.”

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