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Author believes substituting human authority/judgment for God's will destroy America.

The Book

License to Steal

Truth and Justice are Inseparable

License to Steal is based upon the Author Ray W. Rowney, Jr’s 13 years as a volunteer seeking to address a bondholder grievance. It is written to clearly reveal the extremely dangerous and destructive legal rulings and procedures evolving from substituting human authority/judgment for God’s, resulting in a legal system which no longer seeks truth and justice as its primary objective, but simply oversees an “adversarial competition” favoring the guilty under the guise of fairness or legal necessity.

The Author carefully chronicles his extended 13-year court experiences, to identify what he believes is both the root cause of our current major problems in the U.S. and the primary reason for the now diminishing prior greatness of these United States of America: REPLACING “THE BIBLE” AND “THE CONSTITUTION” AS THE BASIS OF  U.S. LAW AND ORDER, WITH EVOLVING HUMAN VALUES.