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Petition to Fix

Author believes a surgeon's scalpel, not a politician's butter knife, is needed to fix America. Only a concerned, caring "We the People" can order this life-saving operation.

Petition to Fix

We who experienced the blessings of the America whose leaders and citizens endorsed and were guided by “ In God We Trust”, and younger generations who understand the importance of principle and service over greed and selfishness, must speak with one voice to demand a return to God’s Truth and Justice. Otherwise, we will be spectators at the destruction of God’s greatest “human government experiment.”




Dear Mr. President/Congress,

WHEREAS the US Legal System in 1930 substituted an ever evolving, error prone, humanly manipulated “case law” system (in which bad judgment court decisions are given equal weight with good, enabling attorneys to argue any side of any issue) for the Bible and the Constitution (as envisioned by our Founders); and as this substitution changed the courts’ emphasis from seeking truth and justice to overseeing an “adversarial competition” played by human rules, favoring the guilty under the guise of fairness or legal necessity; and

WHEREAS, while witnesses swear to tell the truth under penalty of perjury, attorneys do not and can produce Affidavits filled with intentional misrepresentations of fact so as to delay, distort, and confuse Judge/Juries (under no apparent penalty after the innocent victim ultimately proves that said distractions were simply self-serving lies), making the swift, impartial trial promised by the Constitution an impossibility; and

WHEREAS Judges continually urge and encourage “Settlements” in which wrong-doing is not acknowledged, the issues are never addressed, and innocent victims are forced to cut their financial losses after experiencing seemingly endless delays and adjournments; and

WHEREAS our current Federal Government is suffering from a similar failure to seek Truth and Justice, in its efforts to supposedly represent and serve our Nation and its citizens, witness: the cover-up of the Benghazi 4 murders, the IRS scandal to punish political opponents, the falsified and misleading VA reports to hide gross incompetency in serving disabled American veterans, the totally unjustified pressures being applied to Israel to prevent it from responding fully to continuous armed aggressions by Muslim terrorists (using their own innocent countrymen as human shields), removing work requirements from those receiving “temporary” assistance (thus creating and encouraging a permanent class of government dependents) are but a few current examples of political “spin” replacing factual truths. Future examples are the well-known pending bankruptcy of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and US Post Office which are longer term looming disasters, not to mention Obamacare (the President’s signature accomplishment – 2000 plus pages which few had time to read – which will forever weaken medical service to all Americans if not replaced).


  1. Immediately discard “Case Law” and return to the Bible and the Constitution as envisioned by our Founders. This will greatly shorten preparation time by attorneys and focus the Judge and Juries on the real issues.
  2. Severely punish attorneys for intentional misrepresentations on Affidavits or Certifications or any other notarized documents.
  3. Once again, make the search for Truth and Justice the sole purpose of all courts. The facts, nothing but the facts!!


  1. Insure that there is no longer any place for political “spin”. All efforts must be concentrated solely on the “facts” to make decisions in the best interest of America and its citizens, in the shortest timeframe. Return prayer and Bible reading to schools and other public places: “We must teach core ‘Christian values’ if we want truthful, honest citizens.”
  2. Severely punish the President and any member of Congress for intentional misrepresentations. “Politics” must be completely revamped – serving the Nation and our citizens is the only objective, not party loyalty.
  3. Reduce the pay of governmental decision makers to subsistence levels and cut non-military staffs in half. Limit all terms to 4 years to return to our Founders’ motivations – a patriotic duty, not a career.
  4. Increase Military size to meet today’s very dangerous world environment. National Defense should be government’s prime purpose! Sell all other government-run businesses to the private sector.

“Serving God does not cost billions of dollars (only repentance), but will solve all our Nation’s problems in the longer term.”

WITH HUMBLE REVERENCE, I proudly affix my signature to this Petition to urge the President and all House/Senate members to immediately begin actions to not only accomplish the above but the following as well, believing strongly that this Nation’s primary problem is declining character values, not the “economy”. “If all Americans subscribed to God’s Ten Commandments (the basis for the US Legal System), we would no longer be motivated by greed and selfishness, but by principle and service ! It worked for 186 years after the Declaration of Independence (making the US the greatest Nation in the world), until our courts erroneously began removing the recognition of God from all public places.”

As I sign my name, I also pledge to conduct my life in accordance with the Bible’s teachings. I am eager to join with Petition Sponsor Ray W. Rowney, Jr., Author of “License to Steal: Truth and Justice Are Inseparable”, in his battle to return Truth and Justice to America.

“To sign in a manner that guarantees no promotions/advertising/name selling entanglements, etc., email your petition support – “I support Petition” – to and note your city and state so we may celebrate the ever-expanding circle of participants. Any other comments or suggestions are appreciated.”